Attention Members, a Portfolio change alert has been posted to the Portfolio Updates page of the Members area. We feel it is time to cash in on the significant gains we received from the recently announced Kraft merger. The latest recommendation will increase your annual income gained by over 30% compared to what Kraft is currently yielding! For those members who purchased Kraft when we originally recommended it in early 2014, you will have achieved nearly 70% total return (including dividends) from this sale!

Are you looking to build a retirement Portfolio that generates safe & reliable income. How about a retirement portfolio that generates over 4% income each year? Or even better, how about a retirement portfolio that generates over 4% income each year AND increases that income annually?! That’s what we do here at the 4% Portfolio. Our model retirement portfolio generates over 4% of dividend income each year and has increased members income each year through dividend growth and strategic buy/sells. Let us show you why our approach to retirement investing is better than the status quo. Learn More

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