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Joe Huber

Joe HuberJoe Huber is the owner and founder of the 4% Portfolio. From an early age Joe was fascinated with the stock market and its ability to generate wealth. Beginning in middle school he decided he wanted to make a career providing investment advice to others by being a stock broker, stock analyst or financial planner. While obtaining his Bachelors Degree in Finance Joe had the opportunity to attend a semester program in Washington, D.C. studying International Business and Trade as well as interning at a large brokerage firm in downtown D.C. The internship was an eye-opener for him and changed his career objective. It was obvious from the start that the brokerage firm and many of the brokers working for it were more concerned with generating buy and sell orders to get commissions from their clients than providing helpful investment advice to create long-term wealth. Between the in-fighting among brokers over clients, witnessing aggressive sales calls, and the surprising lack of general stock analysis knowledge by many of the brokers was overwhelming and caused him to change his career path.

Joe proceeded with getting his Finance Degree but decided to follow his other hobby after college and entered the technology field. Since 2000 he has done technology work for the U.S. Government, but his passion continues to be the stock market, specifically dividend stocks. Over this time friends and family has sought out his advice on the stock market, 401(k) investment choices, and retirement investment advice. While helping others he started to realize all the 401(k) fees people were paying every year. He saw how retirees were selling stock each year to generate retirement income while hoping for price appreciation from their investments to make up the difference. He knew there had to be a better way and, armed with his knowledge of dividend investing and analysis, the 4% Portfolio was born.

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