growthOur model retirement portfolio continues to produce steady and increasing income and is performing well in this volatile market. The 4% Portfolio continues to beat the S&P 500, but the real highlights are the dividend income and raises we have achieved thus far. The Portfolio has returned 3.2% in dividend income to its members already, easily on pace to exceed 4% in dividend income once again. This 3.2% return of cash is highlighted by 80 dividends paid , 19 dividend increases already announced, and one fat special dividend paid in June.

Looking forward to the final three months of the year we are expecting a few more dividend increases to be announced as well as another large special dividend from one of our holdings. While the markets remain volatile with severe price fluctuations our members are enjoying a safe, steady, and increasing income stream from our model retirement portfolio.

Are you looking to build an incoming producing portfolio for retirement? Learn why the 4% Portfolio is a better option than the typical advice you get from the big financial companies. Our investment philosophy is based on generating safe, reliable, and increasing income for your retirement. Got a question about our service? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.

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