growthOur 4% retirement portfolio has had a solid first half of 2015 and is performing well in this volatile market. While the 4% Portfolio is currently outpacing the S&P 500, the real highlights are the dividend income and raises we have achieved thus far. The Portfolio has returned 2.2% in dividend income to its members already, easily on pace to exceed 4% in dividend income once again. This 2.2% return of cash is highlighted by 55 dividends paid , 10 dividend increases already announced, and one fat special dividend paid in June.

Total return for the period of January – June was 2.5%. The first half’s big winner was our 33% return in Kraft (KRFT) thanks to the Heinz buyout. Our members who bought Kraft when it was initially recommended in early 2014 have achieved a 60% return.

Looking forward to the next 6 months we are expecting several dividend increases to be announced, some of which we anticipate exceeding 10%. While the markets remain volatile due to unrest in Greece, a fluctuating energy market, or the anticipation of a rate increase by the Fed; our members are enjoying a safe, steady, and increasing income stream from our model retirement portfolio.

Are you looking to build an incoming producing portfolio for retirement? Learn why the 4% Portfolio is a better option than the typical advice you get from the big financial companies. Our investment philosophy is based on generating safe, reliable, and increasing income for your retirement. Got a question about our service? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.

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