I really like what you guys do for me. Thank you!!!!!!!  Ernie D. from Kingman, AZ 

After just one year I’m making over 5% in annual income and my portfolio value is up over 30%!  Mike B. from Sarasota, FL 

…my only regret is that I didn’t find your site sooner. My wife and I lost a lot of money to fees and below average performance following a financial planner’s advice.  This is so simple and easy to follow, not to mention the great performance!  Jim D. from Tempe, AZ 

Your monthly updates are great. The information is simple and clear. I’ve never been very comfortable talking about investments with others but with your monthly updates I feel like I’ve got a good understanding of each stock in my portfolio.  Diane H. from New York, NY 

I don’t understand why this form of retirement investing isn’t the norm. Professionals don’t talk about this being an option, I suppose it is because they don’t make money when people follow a dividend income strategy. A sincere THANKS for showing me how easy and low-stress retirement investing can be!  Robert S. from Oklahoma City, OK 

I love that I don’t have to decide when to sell some of my investments each year to pay my bills. I just login to my brokerage account and transfer all the cash that has piled up from dividend payments each month.  Joseph T. from San Francisco, CA 

I was hesitant to invest my retirement savings in a bunch of stocks since I thought that was risky.  It helped that I recognized a lot of the companies in the portfolio and that I use many of their products on a regular basis.   Bruce D. from Miami, FL 

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